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What happens when a gun happy space soldier gets stuck out in the far reaches of space? What about a technological floating city and a boy that dreams of going up there? How about a story of a world where leaders are chosen based on their video game skills?

We bring you episodic musicals with science fiction themes.  All episodes are family friendly so enjoy them with your children, conservative grandmother, dog or anyone at all. 

Have a listen. If you like us then tell your friends, give us some good reviews wherever you get podcasts.  Leave a few kind words.  Then subscribe to our feed so you can get the next episode.

The Ghost of Griffin Castle

Nov 8, 2022

I worked with some friends from reddit and we made a spooky ghost story musical.

I hope you like it!

Listen and watch here on YouTube.

Ragna Rock

Nov 15, 2020

This is the story about how a group of redditors got together and wrote an entire musical.  Since I was the one with the experience of putting together a musical demo, I led a lot of the work.

We started 8 months ago.  We came up with a bunch of ideas and voted on a theme.

The winner was horror comedy - the runner up...

Aug 29, 2020

Eric has a dreary life on a distant moon. He’s sick and poor. His father abandoned him and his sister hates him. Only his mother really gets him.

Space Traders Online Artwork

His only form of escape is a virtual reality video game, Space Traders online. He loves his life in the game more than anything. However, he never progresses. Whenever he...

Aug 28, 2019

Each year Errit looks up in the sky to see an island full of wonders floating in the sky above his head and out of reach.

He dreams of wonders and the people that must be up there. A chance encounter gives him the opportunity to adventure up to floating sky island.

Errit and Marina Look at Sky Island


What will he find? Will he like it? Will he...