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What happens when a gun happy space soldier gets stuck out in the far reaches of space? What about a technological floating city and a boy that dreams of going up there? How about a story of a world where leaders are chosen based on their video game skills?

We bring you episodic musicals with science fiction themes.  All episodes are family friendly so enjoy them with your children, conservative grandmother, dog or anyone at all. 

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Aug 29, 2020

Eric has a dreary life on a distant moon. He’s sick and poor. His father abandoned him and his sister hates him. Only his mother really gets him.

Space Traders Online Artwork

His only form of escape is a virtual reality video game, Space Traders online. He loves his life in the game more than anything. However, he never progresses. Whenever he has a chance to level  up, he sells his gains to help his mother.

His luck changes in a chance battle.


Cast Credits:

Trace :

Janay: pultakhen


My Amazing Extras:
Merry Toad
Nina Nikolic,