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What happens when a gun happy space soldier gets stuck out in the far reaches of space? What about a technological floating city and a boy that dreams of going up there? How about a story of a world where leaders are chosen based on their video game skills?

We bring you episodic musicals with science fiction themes.  All episodes are family friendly so enjoy them with your children, conservative grandmother, dog or anyone at all. 

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The Exciting Conclusion To Ragna-Rock The Musical

Dec 13, 2020

I can't believe it. After 8 months of work, a group of us from reddit along with myself were actually able to finish of an entire musical.

In retrospect, making an entire 2 act musical was maybe a bit much. If we do it again we'll set our expectations to be a little more reasonable.

One thing I never expected was how quickly someone could appear and disappear on the internet.

I wrote music and lyrics for at least 2 of these songs.  Make a comment and let me know if you can figure out which ones.